About Paint

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Paint is a kind of coating used for colouring and protecting objects and its

usage area is very wide.

The reason we need to paint is often decorative purpose, but its main

purpose is to protect and cover the surface. In general, paints consist of three main substances as pigment, solvent, and glue.

Depending on the location, different materials can be used to bring different properties

to paint or to strengthen the structure of the paint.


It is possible to classify the paints according to the places of use or their solvents.

According to places of use:

1- Paints used on interior and wall surfaces

2- Paints used on exterior and wall surfaces

3- Paints used on wooden surfaces

4- Paints used on metal surfaces

According to solvents:

1- Water based paints 2- Solvent based paints (synthetic based)