Colour Wheel

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The sense that is created as a result of light breaking in our eye’s retina is called “colour” and every colour reflects us with different physiological responses to the light. Isaac Newton is the scientist who first scientifically handled the issue of colour. In 1670, he divided the sunlight in a triangular prism, separated it into its components on paper, and obtained the colour spectrum, namely the rainbow effect. This colour spectrum is a colour wheel that can be quickly rotated. The colour created when this colour wheel is rotated quickly is white. So the white light is formed by the combination of all the colours in the rainbow.

Colour studies on Isaac Newton’s invention continued to be reviewed. William Herschel measured the degree of colours in this prism and found that red light is in the highest temperature and the purple light is in lowest temperature. Thus he obtained the today’s definition of hot colour and cold colour.

According to the severity of the colours, 2 groups are separated as hot and cold.

Hot Colours are yellow, red, yellow + red blends resembling fire, flame.

Cold Colours are blue, blue – red, blue + yellow blends resembling water, air.

Main and Accent colours;

Our main colours are Red, Yellow, Blue.

Our accent colours are created by combining 2 main colours.

Red + Yellow = Orange

Red + Blue = Purple

Blue + Yellow = Green

Since each colour is obtained from the combination of white, it is not considered as colour. Black is the reflection of light. So, black is colourlessness.

The accent and main colours are 6 colours in total. The 7th colour, the “colourlessness” of colour is black. Discover your eighth colour with us…