The purpose of the paints used in the industry and in industrial areas, such as solvent based metal paints, is to provide ease of loading and straightening on machine parts in serial production. Thanks to the progress of the technology, the usage area of the paints in this group has improved. Due to differences in purpose and function of use, it varies with solvent based metal paints, rapid paints, hammerton paints, synthetic paints, etc. As well as the unique properties of each paint, solvent-based metal paints have a number of properties. For this reason, attention should be paid to the properties of the product and the conditions of use in paint applications. There are certain rules in the application of the products. First, the area to be painted must be clean. Especially, the moist or liquid contacted grounds must be waited to be dried before the paint is applied. Another point to note in the application of solvent-based metal paints is that the area to be painted must be free of foreign substances such as grease and oil. Prior to applying the paint, it is necessary to clean the rust and stains that have formed on the ground and also to apply sanding if necessary. Cleaned surfaces should be painted according to the appropriate ambient conditions and the paint used should be thinned according to the product characteristics. It is advised to consult your company to be able to choose the thinner according to the product you use.
Since the painting process is applied by gun in general in the industrial sector, the paint surfaces should be left to share about 150 meters of micron film. The symmetrical position of the gun with the area to be painted should be selected properly. Symmetrical locations that are not properly selected cause the gas pressure to change constantly and create a thickness difference between the floors, which affects the colour matching negatively. The usage areas of solvent based metal paints are used in heating ventilation, vehicle body, metal furniture and general metal industry. Its manufacture is designed according to the area of use, however its raw material structure is richer compared to other paints. The most important feature is to prevent the surfaces from rusting and protect them against oxidation. It sticks to the applied surface or metal.