Special purpose paints are paints produced according to the demands of the users and the sector they serve. These paints are produced according to various fields.  It can be applied to very different surfaces such as floor, wood, wall, roof by means of special application techniques. So, you need to know where and what to be used. Our products in the special purpose paints group are various product groups such as Solvent Free Epoxy Coating, Decorative Coatings, Construction Chemicals, Insulation, Thinner Group and Solvents. 

Solvent Free Epoxy Coatings are used in coating of inner surface of storage tanks, transport tanks and pipes made of metal, cement, asbestos, in chemical plants, dam shutters, channels and waste water drainage tunnels, waste water treatment units, on ships as protective coating, floor coverings, wall coverings. Decorative Coatings gives your space an aesthetic image by providing different texture, colour and mobility to the surface. Also, if your surface is cracked or rough, it is a decorative way of fixing your surface. Patterning is quite easy and convenient. Isolation products are a preferred group of products in very frequent rainfall areas. It causes various problems in buildings such as housing, hotel, factory which have insufficient heat, sound and water insulation. Our R&D activities continue intensively especially on water insulation.  It is strongly recommended that water insulation of structures exposed to water such as rain, snow, earthmoving, underground waters is strongly recommended. This requires careful selection of materials.  Thinner Group and Solvents are the product group used to thin solvent based products. Thinner of each product differs according to its solute. Because the thinner group is a dangerous product group, you should use it with care, avoid contact with your skin and protect your eyes otherwise it may endanger your eye health by burning your eyes.

In brief, the areas of use and properties of special purpose paints can be summarized in this way. It is possible to have very good results when used in accordance with the intended use of special purpose paints.