Dino Effect Stucco

Afa Colour Dino Effect Stucco is a water based, coloured paste which creates attractive marble effects on interiors. Dino Effect Stucco produces a finish which is a blend of opulence as well as decotarative thereby offering numerous colourful solutions for interior decoration



FEATURES AND SCOPE OF USAGE : Ideal for design oriented interiors and exteriors. Highly recommended for prestigious interiors such as hotels, restaurants, luxurious villas, palaces, mosques, museums, art galleries, foyers, lobbies etc.

APPLICATION : The surface must be dry, clean and completely free from all loose materials in order to apply a coat of wall primer. Apply onto small areas by using a spatula, smooth the material to obtain a truly level surfaces. Repeat the same process of application at least three to four times to obtain a very smooth, marble like appearance. Giving patterns with trowel increases the gloss further. Highly recommended that this product is applied by a skilled and a professional painter

Additional information


S2 Keep away from children. S 24/25 Avoid eye and skin contact. S 3/7/9 Keep it in a tightly closed container


Containers tightly closed must be protected from frost keep in a cool sheltred place. .If the product containers tap is opened as a result of exposure to air dries products so the product must be consumed immediately


20 Kg Plastic Package