For the sectoral needs of the region, AFA COLOUR BOYA aims for within the shortest time that;

  • To maintain its presence by expanding in its sector,
  • To move its quality level to top levels without compromising trust and respect,
  • To become the leader in the Industrial Paint Market of Turkey.

In the long-term;

• To transform our activity subjects from a production method which can compete in the market with our competitiveness by means of the advantage of cheap labor force to a production method with much more added value.



• To become a model company in the sector by strengthening the importance it gives to its employees with its corporate identity,
• By keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront and to protect its reputable place and property in its sector,
• To have the responsibility of the contribution we make to the social order and economic life in our region and in the whole country with the employment we provide and taxes we paid,
• To contribute to the development of our country by training young, dynamic and ambitious employees in its body.