The general definition is the name given to the paint thinned with water. The properties of water-based paints are that they can be erased, dry quickly and are odorless. It is very common in use and is easier to apply than other paint types. One of the most important features is that it breathes and does not cause any harm to the environment. The 2nd coat after the first application can be applied shortly after and the painted rooms can be used after a short time. Water-based plastics and satin paint types are used for concrete surfaces, while bright-coloured paints are used for doors or windows. The comfort and freshness reflected in the space greatly expand the usage areas of water-based dyes and have a long-lasting potential for use.
Water based paints are divided into various groups according to their structures and contents in order to be used in different areas. First, plastic paints known as water based flat paints are used today in many fields. These paints, which do not have a slippery structure, do not have a fully erasable feature. For this reason, areas where plastic paint is applied should not be cleaned with excessive water. If it is wet and erased with water, it causes the paint to lose its colour and the stains appear to be visible on the paint. Another type used in water-based paints is semi-matt, or satin paints. The most important feature of satin paints is that they hide the surface's obvious mistakes and close the glazed faults professionally. At the same time, it is highly demanded with its aesthetic stance and has a structure that can be completely erased. Due to the water repellency and vapor permeability properties of the satin paints, they are resistant to the plaster and the water-like structure is not deteriorated.
Water-based paints are commonly used in areas such as large workplaces and cafeterias exposed to excessive steam. It is also more resistant to environmental factors than other types of paint. There are 3 ways used to manufacture these paints. It is to be pointed out in the order of the brushes, the paints made using rolls and the paints made using machine are water based paints.