There are many factors that can damage wood textures. These are factors such as tree worms, mushrooms, sun, humidity. It is possible to protect wood textures with wooden protectors harmless for human health. Thanks to the paint and lacquers of the wood group, you will have the colour and brightness you desire while at the same time preserving your woods. The use of wood group paints and varnishes is very widespread in the furniture sector and is also used to make a difference in wood surfaces where you are a person in homes and offices. If the surface to be painted is rough, the surface should be sanded with a fine sandpaper to increase the adhesion on the surfaces. Otherwise, the wood will be peeled off shortly afterwards and will increase your consumption by causing several times more paint to be applied to protect the paint. Therefore; the adherence-reducing dust, dirt, oil, old and bloated layers on the surfaces to be applied must be completely cleaned. If there is any indentation or cracks on the surface after sanding your wooden surfaces, the surface should be repaired by puttying on. Putty process will ensure that you get a completely smooth surface. It is recommended that puttied surfaces should be primed to reduce paint consumption. Priming is possible with Aqua Finish Primer. After the primer is completely dried, you can complete the painting process in accordance with the instructions regarding wood paint in colours suitable for your wish. More or less thinning with wood paint and lacquer may cause negative results. It is advised to carefully read the relevant instructions to avoid this. Also, if you do not want to leave brush marks, you should choose short hairy, long hair or sponge roller according to the paint and ground you selected. You can consult it to the relevant person when you buy the paint.