Lux Synthetic Oil Paint

AFA&COLOURLUX SYNTHETIC PAINT is an alkyd- and solvent-based bright construction last coating paint.



FEATURES AND SCOPE OF USAGE : It is applied with a normal or rolling brush on internal and outer surfaces, on timber, metal, brick, plaster and similar construction materials. It is thinned by means of 10-20% synthetic thinner.

APPLICATION : The surfaces of application should never be damp, and should be thoroughly cleaned up of dirt, grease, old and swollen paints, and should be undercoated by AFA SYNTHETIC PRIMER PAINT as to be ready for last coating. Its adhesion, flexibility, water-resistance, and resistance against alkalines and acids are excellent. It is able to cover with one to three coatings, depending on darkness of the surface color. Please, thin the paint so that the brush can be used conveniently. Do not add excessive amounts of solvents. never apply a second coating before the first one is dried up.

Additional information


S2 Keep away from children. S 24/25 Avoid eye and skin contact. S 3/7/9 Keep it in a tightly closed container. S 16 Keep away from flammable source ,do not smoke. S 51 Good aspriation condinations R 20/21/22 Aspiration, skin touch and swallow are dangerous


Containers tightly closed must be protected from frost keep in a cool sheltred place Best before: 1 year


Degree of flaring: 39°C Brightness: 83 Gloss(60º),
Viscosity: 100-110 KU ,
Coating capacity (liter): 13-15 m2/lt ,
Percentage of solid material: 71%, (for 20 ºC), Touch-dry in 120 minutes, Oxydation drying: 36 hours.