Polimacun S300

Cement Based, 2 Components Adhesive Mortar of high quality. It includes special chemicals, additives prepared specially with the cemend of high quality.It is water proofing, very flexible and thermal mortar to use as a putty any strong surfaces.


APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Application surface must be strong and purified from the residues ( such as dirt, dust, paint etc ) 20 Kg A component (Dry Mortar)is poured into 5 Kg B component (Liquid )and it is mixed with a mixer to let the chemical reaction done, it is kept waiting for 5 minutes and mixed again for 2 minutes, before using. To thin the mixture can be do with some water. Also the B Component (Liquid) can be used as wet , volume locations (baths,terrace,balcony) can be mixed up to 60 % water.

PACKAGE: 20 Kg kraft bag 5 Kg can container

STORAGE: Storage life is 6 months in a dry place in its original package .

WHERE TO USE: Cremic adhesive Mortar Granite adhesive Mortar Gas Concrete adhesive Mortar Flex Granite adhesive Mortar EPS and XPS adhesive Mortar (Polystyrene Head Board) Pool and Wet Floor adhesive Mortar Concrete, plaster,glass and aluminium Water tanks TECHNICAL

Additional information


Grey colored powder and Emulsion solution

Application Tempearature:


Pot Life :

1,5-2 hours

Open time :

20 minutes